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The Benefits of BEMER Light Therapy for Neuropathy in Watkinsville

Written By Eastside Chiropractic on February 27, 2018

Physical Therapy for the Inside of Your Body.

When you suffer from skeletal or muscular conditions like neuropathy, you’ll often be prescribed a cocktail of medication that provides some relief from your pain.

However, consuming a lot of drugs on an ongoing basis can take its toll on your body, potentially causing damage to various organs including your stomach, pancreas, and liver. 

But when you want to eliminate these medications from your life while still remaining pain-free, what option do you have? 

Allow us to introduce you to BEMER Light Therapy, which can help those with neuropathy in Watkinsville. 

What is BEMER Light Therapy? 

BEMER is the acronym for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. And it’s a type of therapy that utilizes microcirculation to regulate how energy is flowing throughout your body. 

To provide you with the benefits of microcirculation, the therapy requires the use of a number of devices. But when administered effectively, it can help provide relief from various conditions, including neuropathy.  

What Are the Benefits to this Treatment for Neuropathy in Watkinsville?

BEMER boasts a type of healing that simply cannot be found with other medications that are used to combat chronic pain. 

It’s been proven to boost energy levels while also increasing a person’s metabolism. And it can also reverse the negative, degenerative effects of certain conditions, like neuropathy, while also increasing your vitality. 

Alongside its ability to reduce the detrimental impact of your neuropathy, it can help increase how able your body is to fight off certain infections by building your immunity. 

Why is it favored by people with neuropathy? 

Because it can help you get rid of those powerful medications you’ve been taking for many years, ridding yourself of the worrying side effects they can often induce. 

How Does BEMER Light Therapy Work? 

During treatment at your chiropractor’s in Watkinsville, the devices used will emit a number of electromagnetic signals. As these signals travel through your body they help encourage better function of your organs and muscles while also promoting added strength and immunity. 

BEMER therapy also helps encourage proper cell function and healthy cell growth around your body, and can also correct energetic and metabolic abnormalities. Furthermore, it’ll aid your psychological function by mirroring the emotional and physical effects that you’d normally get from exercising.

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