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Massage Therapy

Our Licensed Massage Therapist, Michael, has Experience with the Following Modalities:

Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular Therapy:

Deep Tissue Massage focuses mostly on musculoskeletal issues, stiffness, pain, and range of motion. While it can be used for relaxation, it’s main focus is releasing tension within the deeper levels of the muscle tissue. Deep tissue does not always mean deep pressure. Pressure is preference.

Myofascial Release:

Myofascial Release is a technique that focuses on breaking up adhesions in the connective tissue between the muscle and skin. This technique can be useful in breaking up scar tissue and overly tight fibrous connective tissue. Typically, little to no lotion is used during this technique.

Sports Massage:

Sports Massage is one of the oldest modalities in massage history, dating back to ancient Greece and the Olympians. Sports Massage is a hands on treatment used to relieve tension in muscles and connective tissue, due to excessive physical activity. Focusing on flexibility, range of motion, and muscle performance.


Swedish Massage is a more traditional massage promoting blood flow, relieving superficial tension, and relaxation with its long flowing glides and gentle pressures. Traditionally a relaxing modality.

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